Deoxymethoxetamine or DMXE(3′-methyl-2-oxo-PCE, 3D-MXE) is a dissociative drug of the arylcyclohexylamine family, is an analog of methoxymethamine (a known dissociative commonly known as MXE) and was first synthesized in October 2020.

Despite being so young, DMXE’s popularity has grown exponentially in a very short period of time, largely due to its reported similarities to MXE.

DMXE mainly functions as an NMDA receptor antagonist. NMDA receptors are located in the excitatory synapses and participate in neurotransmissions in the central nervous system. They also play a crucial role in regulating neurological functions, such as memory formation and locomotion.

Similar to that of ketamine and PCP, DMXE inhibits the actions of these receptors, inducing a feeling of “dissociative anesthesia”. Like its close relative, MXE, DMXE has been often reported to cause k-hole-like effects – its blocking of our NMDA receptors causes that familiar loss of feeling and difficulty moving. DMXE is often reported by researchers to have a longer trip duration and a higher potency than many common dissociatives.

DMXE is a dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class that produces dissociative, anesthetic, stimulating and hallucinogenic effects when administered1. It is often described as similar to MXPr or MXiPr, but with more “psychedelia and body-high”.

DMXE has several potential effects including stimulation which most reports of DMXE mention an increase in sociability, unlike most other dissociatives. While DMXE doesn’t usually provide the same ‘rush’ of energy as amphetamine, it is generally considered to be one of the more stimulating dissociatives. DMXE is often reported to produce mild to moderate feelings of euphoria. This is likely due to its presumed method of action (based on the pharmacology of MXE) as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI), effectively exposing your 5HT receptors to more of your body’s serotonin. As with all arylcyclohexylamines, DMXE causes feelings of dissociation and disconnection from one’s mind and body, sometimes leading to a complete dissolution of the sense of self (AKA “ego death”), especially at higher doses. Some users (though not all) experience visual hallucinations on DMXE. These visuals generally consist of distortions of depth perception (objects that are very close can look very far and vice versa; or very small objects can look very large) and tracers/double-vision (where moving objects produce a blur/tracer behind them)2. Reports of “dizziness” and “rushes” are often mentioned. This is most likely related to those feelings of euphoria and is mostly experienced in the “come-up” stage of your trip.

DMXE is a designer substance and can be used for research purposes, in laboratory conditions in many countries, but it is listed as a controlled substance in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Canada.

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  • DMXE hydrochloride
  • 3D-MXE
  • 3-Me-2′-oxo-PCE
IUPAC    2-(ethylamino)-2-(3-methylphenyl)cyclohexan-1-one
Formula   C15H21NO
Molecular weight   267.8 g/mol
CAS   2666932-45-0
Appearance    Crystaline solid
Purity    ≥ 98%
1 g.-
5 g.125 €
10 g.190 €
25 g.270 €
50 g.410 €
100 g.620 €
1 kg.3700 €


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