Protonitazepyne is an opioid synthetic drug, a benzimidazole derivative with high opioid potency, an analogue of protonitazene and etonitazepyne, having a similar structure. This substance, when injected into the body, acts as a strong analgesic, creates a relaxing and hypnotic effect, euphoria. Protonitazepyne actively affects the µ-opioid receptor and can be compared with fentanyl in terms of its effect.
With regular use of protonitazepyne, it is possible to develop tolerance to the drug and increase the dosage, which has the risk of overdose and intoxication, the appearance of side effects such as vomiting, respiratory depression.
Protonitazepyne is a designer synthetic substance that can currently be sold as a research substance for determining activity on the µ-opioid receptor using in vitro biological functional analysis.

This drug is a designer and there is no exact data on its dosages and side effects.

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  • Protonitazepyne
  • N-Pyrrolidino metonitazene
IUPAC   5-nitro-2-(4-propoxybenzyl)-1-(2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)ethyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole
Formula    C23H28N4O
Molecular weight    408.5
Appearance    A crystalline solid
Purity    ≥ 98 %
1 g.-
5 g.155 €
10 g.245 €
25 g.380 €
50 g.600 €
100 g.950 €
1 kg.7000 €


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