N-desethyl Etonitazene

N-desethyl Etonitazene

N-desethyl Etonitazene is an opioid analgesic, a derivative of benzimidazole, an active metabolite of atrazine and has a similar molecular structure and has a high opioid activity. This drug atktivno affects the µ-opioid receptors, providing a strong analgesic effect, hypnotic effect. N-desethyl Etonitazene has a potency 60 times or more stronger than morphine. Regular use of N-desethyl Etonitazene can cause opioid addiction, tolerance to the drug develops, with high dosages, side effects such as vomiting, confusion of consciousness, respiratory depression are possible.
This drug is prohibited for import and sale in the United States and some other countries.

This drug is a designer and there is no exact data on its dosages and side effects.

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  • N-desethyl Etonitazene
IUPAC    2-[(4-ethoxyphenyl)methyl]-N-ethyl-5-nitro-1H-benzimidazole-1-ethanamine
Formula    C20H24N4O3
Molecular weight    368.4
CAS    2732926-26-8
Appearance    A crystalline solid, Powder
Purity    ≥ 98 %
1 g.-
5 g.165 €
10 g.230 €
25 g.400 €
50 g.600 €
100 g.800 €
1 kg.6000 €


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