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Tramadol – a medical preparation, in high doses causing addiction and dependence after the first reception. Its constant use leads to an irreversible destruction of the body and psyche.

In medicine, tramal and tramadol are equally used – the differences in their composition are minimal, they practically do not differ. The main active ingredient in both cases is the tramadol hydrochloride. Dependence causes equally tram and tramadol – what the difference between the effect depends mainly on the concentration of drugs. The attitude to them should be equally critical.

Definitely say that tramadol is a drug, it is impossible. The main active ingredient refers to potent drugs. Designed as a synthetic analogue of opioid painkillers, it was originally appointed patients at the last stages of oncological diseases suffering from pain.

However, experts are convinced that Tramadol, like the tram – drug, as, in fact, it is an artificially synthesized analogue of opium. Oral capsules, ampoules and candles are gradually made of turnover or sell strictly by recipe, despite the recognized effect of analgesic. At the slightest exceeding the dosage physician, the tram causes a dependence. According to the degree of impact, it is in second place after trimethylpentamine.

Tramadol Tramadol

History of emergence and use in medicine

Tramal and Tramadol appeared in the early 60s. Twentieth century. In 1962, the Pharmaceutical Firm Grünenthal developed the preparation of Tramadol. Due to the poor, the safe dose of funds was difficult to choose. This led to frequent overdose and the fact that the narcotic effect was noticeable when taking.

Sales of medicines have grown multiple times, and during the epidemic, about 350 million people died from an overdose. In the early 60s, every day was recorded up to 25 thousand “ambulance” trips, but helped managed less than a third of patients. Today, Tramadol and the tram, 10-15 people take lives every minute. Around the world there are more than 120 million people dependent on it.

Now the drug is produced and sold under the stringent control of the authorities. Each country decides independently: Tramadol is a drug or not:

Sweden and some other countries sell tramadol or tram according to standard medical recipes.

Composition, mechanism of action and effect

So, Tramadol – what is it? The tool is a synthesized opiate. The tram is often replaced by heroin. Addressing and overdose of drugs on the negative effect is comparable to the opium, so the question of “Tramadol – Drugs or Not” has to be responsible. The exception is to take the drug precisely by purpose (for example, in palliative therapy).

What is the difference between tramadol tram and what is the difference between the forms of their release? The key active ingredient in them is general, but for each of the commercial drugs use special components. Sodium acetate is added to the injection solution, in capsules – milk sugar and magnesium stearate, and so on. Without a thorough analysis of the state and characteristics of the patient, the doctor will not be able to determine what to use, tram or tramadol – what is better, experts decide individually.

The mechanism of action in drugs is similar. The active substance when entering systemic blood flow, acts as an analgesic, blocking the transmission of pain impulses. The patient becomes better after 20 minutes after taking medication in the form of tablets / capsules. Facility feel sick, taking and tram, and tramadol – the difference between the mechanism of action is almost imperceptible. Preparations affect the CNS, when the dosage is exceeded, causing:

the ability of reactions;
the appearance of hallucinations;
Dizziness and so on.

How Tramadol use drug addicts – a narcotic effect and addiction to tramadol

As a drug, tram is, as a rule, pills and capsules. Injection solutions are used mainly for the manufacture of a concentrated preparation in liquid form in handicraft conditions. Action drug addicts is felt after 1-5 minutes after the reception. Euphoric state similar to the effect of “Ecstasy” lasts up to 36 hours. It is accompanied by unnatural emotional susceptibility, sympathy and sympathy for all people, tide of strength and discharge. The effect and tramadol and the tram are also the difference between the means, from the point of view of drug-dependent, it does not matter. The punishment for them is much softer than for the “traditional” drugs.

The dependence that tramadol causes – what is it? The mechanism “launches” through one or two days after the “non-chosen” dose of the drug (7-8 capsules), when its action comes down. A person suffers from nightmares, is afraid to remain alone. His hallucinations appear, which makes it take another dose. Using the time of the drug decreases, the place of euphoria occupy paranoid and manic states. That’s what a tram is, and a psychological action is not the only side effect.
Signs of application and consequences

In the therapeutic dosage, Tramadol may not cause physical or psychological dependence, but it develops with minor tests. If the drug is used for more than three months in a row, it becomes the only drug accepted. The abolition of its heavy – to overcome psychological traction is required up to 15 years, decay products are derived within 20-25 years.

Tramadol tram or tramadol – what is more destroying the body? Negative effect in drugs is identical. In such powerful analgesics, like tram and tramadol, side effects during abstinence are also strong. These are gloomy and realistic hallucinations, mental disorders (hysterics, depression, aggressiveness). The body of a person hosting tramadol suffers: the photo of patients in heavy stages demonstrate the consequences of addiction. This is depletion due to the lack of appetite, pale leather with bullous rash, clouding eyes, expansion of pupils and so on.

Signs, “outstanding” person who consumes the tram – what is it? Dependence is manifested as follows:

reluctance to communicate with close, falsehood and indifference;
breaking sleep, the usual level of activity;
Excessive gesture, instability of the gait;
harsh mood change;
Intense headaches, fainting, hair loss and so on.

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