2-methyl-ap-237, Bucinnazine

2-methyl-ap-237(Bucinnazine), a chemical in the opioid class, is a powerful analgesic. 2-methyl-ap-237 is used in China and several Asian countries as an analgesic drug for a number of diseases that cause severe pain. 2-methyl-ap-237 is several times more effective than morphine and is a potent agonist of the μ-opioid receptor-MOR, with a low affinity for the δ-opioid receptor. 2-methyl-ap-237 acts as a strong pain reliever, induces opioid euphoria, induces sedation, and can cause long-term dependence if used continuously.

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Synonyms 2-methyl-ap-237 (hydrochloride)
IUPAC 1-[2-methyl-4-(3-phenyl-2-propen-1-yl)-1-piperazinyl]-1-butanone, monohydrochloride
Formula C18H26N2O • HCl
Molecular weight 379.752g/mol
CAS 98608-59-4
Purity ≥ 98%
1 g.-
5 g.85 €
10 g.145 €
25 g.250 €
50 g.430 €
100 g.650 €
1 kg.3300 €


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