O-DMST, O-Desmethyltramadol

O-DSMT or O-Desmethyltramadol, Omnitram is a synthetic opipodic drug, an active metabolite of tramadol of the cyclohexanol class. O-DSMT IUPAC: 3- (2 – ((dimethylamino) methyl) -1-hydroxycyclohexyl) phenol. o-dsmt has a similar molecular structure to tramadol. O-DSMT has good analgesic properties, acts as a sedative, euphoric, but can quickly become addictive. O-DSMT has the most potent effect compared to tramadol.
The molecular structure of O-DSMT consists of two rings, including the cyclohexane ring, which is linked to the phenyl ring at R1 and substituted at R3 by a hydroxy group (OH-). The hydroxyl group is at the same location where the cyclohexane ring is linked to the phenyl ring, R1. O-DMST has a third substitution on the cyclohexane ring at R2 and is linked to a dimethylamine group. O-DMST, in contrast to tramadol, lacks the methyl group of methoxy substitution R3 of tramadol.

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  • O-dsmt
  • O-Desmethyltramadol
  • Omnitram
  • desmetramadol





Molecular weight

249.349 g/mol




≥ 98%

1 g.-
5 g.65 €
10 g.110 €
25 g.170 €
50 g.200 €
100 g.350 €
1 kg.2100 €


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